Help us ensure a strong Democratic state legislature in Pennsylvania.

Electing Democratic state senators has never been more important.

Who we are

We are the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (SDCC), the one organization exclusively focused on recruiting, training, and funding Democratic candidates in districts across the Commonwealth.

What we do

We work to support strong Democrats who will fight for working families across Pennsylvania.

Meet the Caucus

Voters are demanding action, and we are here to protect and stand up for your right to choose, your right to vote, your right to a fair wage, your right to safe communities, and your right to freedom.

– Senator Vincent Hughs, Chairman of the PA SDCC

Meet the Candidates

We are just five seats away from delivering that action to the people. With incredible recruits, a stellar staff, and new and more fair maps to run on, we are ready to march to the majority in 2022.

What you can do to help

For decades, Senate Republicans have held up bills that protect Pennsylvanians. Enough is enough. Join us now to effect real change in PA.

– Senator Jay Costa, Democratic Leader
Make your voice heard

There is a majority party that is threatening the checks and balances of our democracy with constitutional amendments. The only way to change that is to be in the majority.

– Senator Amanda Cappelletti