How to Vote in Pennsylvania

Registering to Vote

In order to request a mail-in ballot, you must be registered to vote. Any eligible voter who is registered to vote may then apply for a mail-in ballot by submitting an application, and you do not need a reason. Click Learn More for the official links you’ll need to check your registration and to register to vote.

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Voting by Mail

Get the facts on mail-in voting. Tip: Don’t forget to put your ballot in the secrecy envelope or your vote will not count. Vote your ballot as soon as possible and return it right away. Click Learn More for the links you’ll need.

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Voting in Person

If you are eligible to vote a regular ballot, you will either hand mark a paper ballot or vote using a ballot marking device. All Pennsylvania voting systems have been updated since 2018, and the voting systems are different from one county to another. Click Learn More for the links to information and to find your polling place.

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